Hello readers 🙂

As you can see above, this is my first post about things I’ve used up. Why? Because I hardly ever am bothered with finishing stuff as I like to try new things a lot. Well, of course there are some staples that will always be emptied and re-bought, but most stuff does never get to that point.
I know I should empty more of my things (to reduce the volume of my stash) and that is why I hope this series will help me. If I need to finish things up in order to show you… maybe I will be able to finally finish some things. Today I’ve got a good bunch of things for you, but I have had time to empty those and there are a few samples/mini sizes too.


It looks like a lot, but compared to what’s still hiding in my closet – untried – this is just the tip of a rather large iceberg. I hope to reduce my stash slowly but steadily. And maybe stop buying more stuff 😀 It’s not like I need more stuff. Oh boy. So, those are things I emptied and I am happy I did. Some were rather small sizes, but nonetheless, I have things to say:


1) P2 Perfect Face! Pore Minimizer
10 ml
This one was my first real primer. Something I actually used regularly. It wasn’t bad but somehow, when I read the praise some people have for their primers, I suppose it wasn’t that amazing. It did what it promised, the pores were less visible, the foundation applied good on top it and it made my skin look more smooth. I finished this and now have another primer in use (from Kiko Cosmetics) and I wish I had this one as backup somewhere. I will tell you more about the Kiko primer in the future, but I really don’t like it (right now, maybe I need to differ my application). Nice product, but I guess there are better ones out there.

2) Rene Furterer Paris Hydrating Shower Gel (Hair and Body)
200 ml
This one was in a beauty box and got used up by me and my boyfriend in the past weeks. We both used it, it did what it should but it wasn’t something I would buy myself. The smell was nothing special, I didn’t feel my skin get more hydrated by this shower gel, so… nope, no buy from me for this. It was okay, but nothing special.

3) batiste Dry Shampoo (Floral & Fruity)
50 ml
Oh the way my hair looked and felt after applying this? Great. The smell? Awful (for me!). I used this up basically because I had no other dry shampoo left at home and sometimes I really need this because my hair reacts to whatever (I really have no idea what) but out of the blue it gets a bit greasy and then I love me some dry shampoo for instant refresh. Of course I do still shower and wash my hair later. Maybe I will have a look at the other „fragrances“ this comes in and buy another one, but there are good and cheaper dry shampoos in the drugstore, so… we’ll see.


4) Alverde Body Butter Bloodorange/Elder Blossom (Limited Edition)
50 ml
This is my one true love when it comes to Body Butters! I love the alverde ones and already had a bunch of different ones and will keep on buying those. (Probably forever and ever ^^) The scent of this one was perfect for summer, fruity yet not too much. Directly after application your skin feels refreshed and well nourished. I love how my skin gets extremely smooth and elastic (that’s what it seems like) after using this. My all-time favourite after shaving my legs!

5) Alverde Body Butter Verbena (Limited Edition)
50 ml
And another one. Loved this one so much because the scent was fresh and made me feel more awake and I don’t know, does it sound weird if I say „more natural“? Or more centered? Because that is what I associated with this scent on my skin. Wish this was standard range and always available. Want more!

6) Alverde Body Butter Macadamia
50 ml
And another one. Yeah, don’t be impressed 😀 sometimes I love a scent so much that I keep the last bit for a while and use others at the same time, but now that I decided to do empties, I used all three Body Butters up to throw them away. That is why I have three of them. And I guess the next empties post will be without them as I have lots of other body lotions to use.


7) Alverde Eye Make-Up Remover Calendula
100 ml
A good product, not my first used up bottle but not my staple. My staple is from L’Oréal. This remover is good for very sensitive skin/eyes and it is a milk that works great. It even works on waterproof mascara for me, I just need to let it sink in a bit then. I would totally recommend this one, even if the scent is something I had to get used to.

8) bebe More Brighten Up Day cream
50 ml
I got a coupon for this one and bought it a while ago, just finished it up two weeks ago. It was okay, but nothing I will buy again. The skin felt a bit hydrated, but not nearly enough to my liking and that is the main reason I won’t be buying this again. But I do like the new bebe More range. I think those are solid products.

9) Senzera Cosmetics Bodylicious Orange Scrub (Mini)
50 ml
I loved this body scrub! It smells divine, love anything with a hint of orange or lemon in the shower. The scrub was very fine and worked great even on sensitive skin. This is a scrub I would recommend if you do use a scrub regularly and not like me only every few weeks. Because then you (or at least I!) need something stronger. But the scent! Uh, lovely.

10) Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector
50 ml
My only beauty product! So far this is my favourite BB Cream (I have tried about 6 or 7) even though it is a tiny bit too dark. And it already is the light shade! But I am rather fair so, maybe it’s not Garnier’s fault. This is something I used mostly on weekends or days off when I don’t want to waste a lot of time applying foundation but want a little something to look a tiny tiny bit better 😉 Liked it and have another one in my closet.

Are you using any of these products? How do you like them?


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