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More Link Love!

Today I have my absolute favourite online shops for Nailpolish and NailArt. This kinda belongs to the Sisterhood Blog too, but I keep mentioning these shops there anyway…
For Nailpolish: Llarowe and Mei Mei Signatures are awesome, lovelycosmetics is pretty fine too. For Nail Art: If you want amazing nail art stuff and/or a little cheap jewelry, Born Pretty Store is for you.

Over on the sisterhood-blog I have been  constantly recommending Llarowe, a US-based online-retailer for nailpolish. They feature  a wide variety of indie nailpolish makers and give you the opportunity to buy everything at once instead of having to place several small orders on various platforms for various polish makers.
Shipping takes a bit longer from the US, but I have never had any trouble whatsoever over broken bottles, customs or anything else.
True, they have had a lot of trouble with their website over the last year, but they are working on it and I find they always communicate everything to their customers which I find extremely nice. It makes me feel taken well care of as a customer.

Homepage: (might change soon!)
Shipping Costs: vary depending on where to and how much to ship
Delivery: Usually pretty fast when on stock and received payment


Mei Mei Signatures:
Mei Mei Signatures is quite similar to Llarowe but this shop is based in Singapore. They also have a very wide variety on nailpolish brands and nail art accessories. One thing that comes in extremely handy on this site are the constant discounts. They always have a discount going on, usually aimed at one brand. When you are searching for this exact brand? Priceless.
When I ordered for the first time I was afraid to have trouble with customs here in Germany, but no. Nothing at all. Customs Clearance was done by Deutsche Post before they forwarded the parcel to me and was incredibly fast too. Mei Mei Signatures sends out fast, all required information for German Customs is given and like that you receive a parcel with nicely packed polish to swoon over.

Shipping Costs: varies based on total value of order and country of destination
Delivery: fast and tracking is available


Lovelycosmetics is a cute little German online shop. They don’t have many brands, but what they have is nice and pricing is reasonable. Plus, those are brands you can’t find on the German market, so it’s always worth a look if you want to discover something new. I have bought from them twice in the past and have been very satisfied with information on their site, order process and shipping/fast delivery.  My experience with them has been flawless.

Shipping Costs: € 4,90 within Germany – free on orders + € 50, € 9,90 on international orders – free on orders + € 120
Delivery: Fast


Born Pretty Store:
I have come across this store on various blogs and after taking a look around their shop, simpl had to order. They have a lot of designs in water decals and nail stickers, nail art accessory of every sort, various colours for striping tape and even a bit of jewelry and clothing.
My order – a rather big one it seemed to me – contained water decals, nail art stickers, striping tape, jewellry and even a leggings (it just looked so cute!). Ordering was easy, searching on the blog was a little painful but hey, I got everything I wanted (though I’m sure I will order again!). Whatever the reasons, shipping took forever. Or rather the time from ordering to having this order processed took quite some time. No idea why, nobody told me, but it was okay, as none of the stuff was an „i need it and i need it now“. I don’t rely on orders from new shops, that is just never a good idea. If they are fast: great. If they are slow: it doesn’t matter.

Everything was fine when the parcel arrived though and I had a lot of fun unpacking as I had forgotten what exact designs I had chosen 😀 oh well, a surprise bag that was.
The jewellry has been a lot of fun to wear so far, the leggings is fun too but not warm enough right now and the nail art stuff has done it’s job so far and I love it.

Shipping Costs: Worldwide Free Shipping – No Minimum Orders
Delivery: takes a while, but it’s worth the wait

Where do you like to shop for Nail Polish and/or Nail Art?


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