My mommy is the best mum in the world ;-)

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I bet after reading the title you just said „No, my mum is the best mum in the world!“ and I have to admit, I guess many mums are the best mums in the world. And in those other cases it might be the dads 😉

Well, what makes me praise my mum today? I will tell you. As I have mentioned before, I’m half French/half German and sadly, I haven’t been to France for… don’t know two or three years now. Yeah I gotta change that, but while I wasn’t there, my mum just came back from France (sunday night) and meeting up with some of her brothers and sisters. You know, just those people having a good time, enjoying their time off together and probably raiding a few shops and having sit ins at cafés and restaurants 😀 like we all would do if we could.

My skin has been terrible lately. It looks redder than usual, but besides that it looks rather normal without being it. Once I apply foundation or powder, you can see large very dry spots. I tried avoiding those or healing it up with very hydrating creams, but nothing helped.

So what I decided is that I need a new routine. Something that apparently works miracles. And one skin care range that has been miraculous in the past (for many people) is La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar. And I have been wanting to try it for quite some time now… convenient my mum went to France where those products don’t cost a fortune, right?! That’s what I thought and gave her a little piece of paper with my shopping list 😉
She came back with those pretty little things for me:

2014-03-03 21.35.31

I will be trying to be less lazy and not skip my routine every so often and maybe… only maybe this will help my skin and prevent it from behaving weird. (Of course those won’t be the only products for my routine)
My hope is high and please dear products, you should work miracles so I can be happy with my skin again. And then I will try to reduce stress as best as I can and whatever else I can do without sacrificing things I really like (see sugar and sweets in general 😀 ).

Have you tried Effaclar products before? What are your experiences?

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