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Hello and welcome to another favourites post!

This month I have a bit more than usually, because I felt like I need(ed) to write a bit more. I felt and still feel a little stressed out with the move/the appartement, work, blogging, all the other things I wanna do and all the things I don’t wanna do, but have to like medical exams/appointments I have to arrange/take and meetings with my bank. Yeah, I sound all business woman, right? I don’t exactly feel like it when I am at one of those bank meetings, but at work I’m finally able to be all business-like if necessary. I guess being that comfortable with business vocabulary and manners and stuff really just comes with experience and I’m happy to know that I gained a bit of that in the last couple months of not being a trainee anymore and having some real responsibility.
Ansd now, without further ramblings from my side, my february favourites:

Song: Lily Allen – Hard out here
If you don’t know this song… please listen to it. I think it’s a great song to party (especially when you’re driving your car on the free way and sing at the top of your lungs! ^^) and a few things in the lyrics just need to be said. Again and again. I am in no way trying to be the most emancipated woman or trying to campaign for emancipation because I think we (women!) have come a very long way already and we don’t need to put men down just to feel better.
But some things are still legit to be campaigned in this song and I just enjoy it. Lily Allen probably isn’t a very good role model in general, but I like how she doesn’t care what people think about what she has to say. I loved her songs „Fuck You“ and „Not fair“ and I love this song too. Deal with it ^^

Book: Mara und der Feuerbringer by Tommy Krappweis
So, as you can see above the book  I read was written in German and the author is German too. I meant to read that book ages ago. The author has been at RingCon for several years in a row now and everybody loves that man, because he is funny, genuine and nerdy. How I finally got round to reading it now? Tommy got sponsors to turn this into a movie and he showed a trailer (raw cut!) at RingCon because – as he says – he wouldn’t ever have had any success with it if it wasn’t for RingCon-fans. They helped sell his book and he hopes they will enjoy the movie.
I have been blown away by the raw-cut trailer, because Germany doesn’t do many big cinematic movies and they certainly don’t have a history of making good fantasy movies. This one will be making history I’m sure of it.Well, as the movie is coming out this year, I needed to start this trilogy and I really love it.
The story is about 14-year-old Mara who, one day, discovers that she is a Spákona. She has visions of God of Mischief Loki and a twig (yes you read right! ^^) tells her that she must save the world or else everyone will cease to be.
This is downright amazing fantasy material, isn’t it?! 😉
Series: Teen Wolf addiction continues
As if this month could go by without me watching a lot of Teen Wolf. Moving in with my bf didn’t change that 😉 but I am not surprised. I have finally gotten my hands on the dvd’s of Season 1+2.
Other than that I have only watched my regular weekly schedule – Hawaii Five-0, Arrow, Lost Girl, Teen Wolf. Nothing very surprising or very out of the blue. And that after deciding to watch The Blacklist (and probably do a blog collaboration on it), but I haven’t had the time yet to start watching 😦

League of Legends – Evil Geniuses
As you might have read somewhere on my blog before, I am a little bit addicted to e-sports, mainly League of Legends. The Split (League) is halfway over by now and while I haven’t been watching it as excessively as last year/season, it is still always on (from Thursday to Sunday!), either on my laptop or on my bf’s computer and I always follow the results. I have also been rooting and whining for my favourite team – Evil Geniuses. I hope they do still improve in the coming weeks and wish them all the best. (And I really need a team jersey, but damn the shipping from US is so expensive! Why is there no European based store that sells those?!)

Food: Pasta, Pasta and Pasta oh and Pizza! ^^
This month has been all about pasta since the move. Why? Because it tastes good, has many variations and is easy and fast to make. My bf and me, we’re both rather lazy in the kitchen. Not because we can’t cook (he does really good things sometimes!), but because we are lazy and when I come home from work, the last thing I wanna do is cook something that takes forever. So we were having lots of variations with pasta (we both love pasta!) and self-made pizza. Okay, the dough has been bought ready, but the rest we do ourselves.
Make-Up: Lipstick-Love
It continues this month, I found the appreciation for lipsticks again and am trying to wear them all day long. At work that truly is not very difficult as you just renew your lipstick throughout the day and I can pretty much live with that. Getting out of the car at work in the morning? Putting on lipstick. (Until then I let my balm sink in so my lips are soft and smooth) First thing after coming back to my desk after lunch? Putting on lipstick.
Various lipsticks have been travelling in my purse this month and they all did a great job. It is lipstick love lately for me.

Other: The Move
I finally moved in with my man and gosh I was dying to do so end of last year (and still I am so glad we finally live together!). The appartement still looks a little raw and unfinished, as we haven’t got everything in place and all the furniture we might need, but the most important things are there. Those are: bed, kitchen, couch, tv, closet, internet and of course my man! I love living in my own appartement AND knowing my parents are never far away seeing as we live in the same house 😀 but still it is our own little kingdom and I will be so happy once I’m through ALL my old things and have a new cupboard for all my books. Miss seeing my books all the time at the moment, seeing as they are still in my old room xD


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