What should I read next?! [Poll]

Veröffentlicht: 24. Februar 2014 in Bücher, Diskussion, Uncategorized
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Hello my fellow readers,

today I need your help. My SUB (Still Unread Books) is growing and ever-growing and I really can’t decide what to read next. I have lots of good books (or so I hope) and asking the boyfriend to pick can’t always be the only solution. So this time I wanna try with asking YOU to help me pick a book.

Maybe there is a book you are interested in and I have it on my list? Maybe you can then let me read it first and then tell you if I liked it? Or maybe you just wanna help me deciding by a book’s title or cover. Every reason is fine, I have picked a few from which you can chose your favourite 😉 I will then start reading the chosen book once I’m done with „Mara und der Feuerbringer“ which I am reading at the moment.

The Poll will be on for a week and I hope some of you are willing to help me decide! If you have any recommendations, please feel free to share EVERY recommendation in the comments. I’d love to make my Lists grow even more 😀

If you follow me on Goodreads or are looking up my profile there, I will probably be reading something else alongside (as I often do) and hopefully finally finish the first Percy Jackson book (but I gotta tell you… the way it’s written? Not exactly to my liking.)… And now, please vote:

And now: Merry chosing my friends, I really need your help!


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