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Hi everyone!

This TAG is rather old and I saw it a lot, but I couldn’t be bothered to think of more than one thing that I only bought because of youtube. So I thought back and this post will now include various things that have nothing to with each other, but I kinda have that (in my life) just because of youtube 😉

1. Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in „Incognito“
Yeah that was a real „youtube made me do it“ and the youtuber that fixed me was xKarenina. She is a German beauty-youtuber and I watch all of her vids with a passion. I think she is super cute and even if she sometimes comes off as arrogant, I don’t mind, because I really don’t think that’s what she is. It can’t be easy to blog like that and not be bothered if people are being jerks – it’s the internet and of course, if you are a famous youtuber, people will most likely want to know everything about you, but let those people say when it’s enough too. They’re only human, they need some privacy too. (And yes, that is how I think about „stars“ too!)
Wow, I didn’t mean for this post to turn out into my rambling 😀 but hey, sometimes these things just need to be said I guess.
Back to the product: It is one of my absolute favourite lipsticks at the moment because it is hydrating, glides perfectly on the lips, doesn’t hold on to weak spots from dry winter air and the colour is just lovely. I couldn’t be happier about buying this product and be sure, I think the money was well invested.

2. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in „02 Apricot Shimmer“
This too I have been dying to try out because of xKarenina. She was so in love with it and it just looked so natural and glossy and seemed to be hydrating too… you know, all of that is right up my sleeve, so I couldn’t resist. Well, I resisted a bit because of the price tag, but after a couple months (three or four I think) I caved and bought it in Apricot Shimmer. And what can I say? It is a great product, it looks very natural but glossy, feels good on the lips… Nothing wrong you would guess, but I don’t think it is that amazing. It is a good and solid product, but nothing spectacular so I won’t be investing the money again. But it is a nice product to have.

3. Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter
I have two shades: Crème Brulee and Peach Parfait. And I love them so much! They feel so incredible on your lips, you won’t even notice they’re there. At least I usually don’t. I love to wear them all day, with applying a lip balm in between just to make my lips even softer. I can’t really remember who made me do it – buying two shades and wanting more that is – but I think it was a mixture of xKarenina again and KokovonKosmo. Koko is a German beauty-youtuber (again!) and she has her own make-up brand too. Her videos are becoming more sparse, but of course she does lots of stuff for her brand so that is okay.

4. League of Legends
I bet most of you have no clue what that is – except for my ramblings from time to time – and you don’t need to. League of Legends, or short LoL, is a free-to-play online game. You usually play in teams of five, but don’t worry, you don’t need 4 friends to play, you can be matched with team mates at random. I have started by watching that game and yes, that was because of my bf. He played and he liked to (and still does) watch the pro’s playing. Yes, there is a competitive league of so-called E-Sports and League of Legends is the most popular game these days. I started watching with him and became engrossed with it. Now I play myself (very rarely these days and very poorly too), but still like to watch it more than playing myself.
What can I say? I always seemed to be the rather nerdy/geeky girl 😉

5. MAC make-up
This one is so so easy and no, even though beauty-youtubers talk about it a lot, it wasn’t them. Not this time! It really was my sweetie Nell from CarpeNoctemLauriel. She became obsessed (and even if she denies it, she is! ^^) with M.A.C. products – don’t get me wrong, that is completely okay – and wouldn’t shut up about them. I listened (because that is what good friends do) and let her explain all the news or different textures to me. And I went with her to our local M.A.C. counter countless times. And one day… I think it was the MAC Surfer Girl Limited Edition… I bought something from MAC too. Nailpolishes at first, no big deal, right? And then came a lipstick… and another lipstick… a mineralize powder… an eyeliner… a foundation… lipglasses… well, a bunch of stuff and I am happy I have those!

6. Die for me-Trilogy
There is only one person that can take credit for this and me reading the first book three times one after the other at first: Munderoon. One day she gave me her copy and said: Read it and read it now. You will a) not regret this and b) fall in love with it.
And I did. I will be the first to tell you that book three was a bit weak in my eyes and that book two was less ravashing than the first, but it was oh so lovely! I really enjoyed the whole trilogy and boy you might do too. Give it a shot. It’s worth your time.

7. Teen Wolf
Maybe you can take credit for this love. If you are on tumblr and were obsessing about it… you made me do it. I rarely watch a series just because of one person saying it’s good (except for my bf or my besties) and even rarer is when I start watching a series because of a pic. But in this case, that is what it was. I saw amazing pics and gifs all over tumblr and thought to myself „Werewolves, supernatural stuff in general and a little teenie growing-up story? That’s right up my sleeve!“. Then I saw Tyler Hoechlin whom I knew as Martin from Seventh Heaven and I was so up for watching! That guy a) is very handsome and b) very talented. I always thought so and now I can drool all over the place whenever I watch Teen Wolf. Hoechlin as the badass werewolf Derek? To die for.

8. My boyfriend makes me do: series
Yeah, you read right. He does that. All the time. And yes I hardly mind, although it means I have a list of about 30 series that I either need to watch or need to catch up on. Long list, right? Somehow I cannot always be bothered to watch a series constantly when it is airing. Right now the exceptions are Lost Girl, Teen Wolf, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and I guess you could add Arrow and Hawaii Five-0 to that bunch. Those are the series that I try to watch whenever they become available. Of course some of the series on the list I started on my own and not by recommendation of my bf, but yeah, he usually recommends a lot of stuff and as he knows pretty good what I like… well, it usually is something to go for.
So, yes I confess: I am a series junkie and if I had more time… I would watch them all! 😀 Or well, many of them.

You can find xKarenina here:
You can find KokovonKosmo here:

This post was fun. Maybe I’ll do that as a blogpost series if I can think of more stuff (probably I can if I think hard enough!). Would you like that?

  1. nellvmars sagt:

    eeep. was i really that bad? -.- sorry!

    • Snowhoney sagt:

      Who said that it was a bad thing?! 😀 You were pretty obsessed in the beginning. But now I am pretty addicted to make-up too, so who cares who started?! That’s why we are so good friends: we connect *lol* and obsess about the same things 😉

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