Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation [First Impression]

Veröffentlicht: 27. Januar 2014 in Beauty
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Hello lovely people!

Today I want to share my latest foundation try with you. The Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation was recently launched in Germany and of course I had to swatch it the first time I saw it.  It looked great as it covered pretty good, the colour wasn’t too off and it felt very silky and looked flawless on my swatch.

As I hope to find another (maybe cheaper) foundation that matches my rather difficult skintone – I am a NC 15 in MAC terms, but seriously, that is very light – I wanted to try out this one. I am not only blessed with very light skin, but with skin that is leaning towards blemishes (ometimes more sometimes less, but always there) and turning red very easily.
So, what I need is coverage and if possible something that makes my skin better. Now you get why I have been appealed by this Maybelline foundation, don’t you?!

Maybelline promises a long-lasting Make-Up for a balanced skin: even looking, unblemished, glowing, stress-free. Apparently the secret is the oil-free formula with Actyl-C complex. Whatever that is. It is supposed to moderate the signs of stress on your skin and fights blemishes, reddening, spots and restores radiance to dull complexions. The result (according to Maybelline) is better skin in 3 weeks.

In Germany, the foundation is available in 5 shades:
  • 020 Cameo
  • 021 Nude
  • 030 Sand
  • 040 Fawn
  • 048 Sun Beige

The foundation can (so far!) be found at German drugstore DM and costs about € 11. There is a concealer and a powder available matching the foundation. I will be testing the powder once my old powder is empty (I already hit the pan pretty hard, I want it to be gone!) and tell you more about that once I’ve tested.

As I am very light, some might say naturally too pale, I chose the colour 020 Cameo, but swatched 021 Nude in comparison in the store and believe me: way too dark. So everyone with very light skin might have to pass out on this one, but you know that game already, right? Why do brands not get that there are a lot of people with extremely light skin and no products for them?!
But now on to my experience.

First Impression: The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser which is extremely nice because that way it is very easy to dose. I needed only one pump to have enough product to cover my whole face. Application was easy, coverage was as good as with my MAC Studio Fix Fluid and the skin immediately looked even. The product feels good on my skin, no feeling of being masked whatsoever. My teint was matte with a natural glow. It covered up all the red that my skin usually shows in the morning and I think I might have been able to go out just like that (I always apply powder over my foundation as I have oily zones – nose, chin, forehead).
About 12 hours later I still looked good, of course the foundation is rather sheer by the time but still I am satisfied. AND the skin was still rather matte, apart from the nose that got quite shiny. I did not re-apply any powder over the foundation since the one layer in the morning. That actually impressed me. A LOT.
The first impression is amazing and I am very happy with the purchase. Of course I can’t say much about if it really makes your skin better yet, but I will happily test it for a longer time.

Does this foundation appeal to you too? Or do you already have it?

  1. nellvmars sagt:

    i’m very very tempted to order this in 005 or 010 from feelunique. couldn’t find swatches of those online just yet.

    • Snowhoney sagt:

      Thought about getting it online too, cause of the shades ^^ but I got lucky. The one swatched in the store fit me rather good. Light powder to set and it’s okay.

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