Fallen in love – M.A.C. Haul for Limited Edition Lipsticks

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Since I have seen the promotion photos for the first M.A.C. Limited Editions of the year I knew I’d buy a few things.
The Magnetic Nudes looked incredibly beautiful, you can see the announcement with all the pictures and swatches from Temptalia here.
And the  announced Huggable Lipcolours were completely up my sleeve too, as you can see here.

I wasn’t completely determined what to buy from the Magnetic Nudes LE, but I knew I would probably pick up a lipstick and maybe a glass or two.
Well, both Limited Editions hit the German online store on Monday, January 6th. I saw the mail about two hours after it had come and guess what?! The Lipstick I had been determined to buy by then was sold out. Already! Wow, a fast selling little fella.
That made my decision to run to our local Douglas who has a M.A.C. counter right after work. Sometimes they do not get the products at the same time (trouble with logistics -_-‚) but this time, it was the case. They had both Limited Editions and the lipstick I wanted was still in stock! 🙂 Guess who was a very happy customer?
Plus, I think I made the M.A.C. lady very happy when she asked „Can I help you?“ and I answered „Pack up this Morning Rose for me, please, and then I’ll have another look around.“ She could tell I was there to buy 😉

As nothing else from the Magnetic Nudes tickled my fancy (Weird, I know!), I went over to the Huggable Lipcolours and oh boy! did I grin from ear to ear upon being close to them.
Three colours caught my attention without even looking at the names (I had written down a few that looked good on swatches, but that paper was still in my pocket then!). Those three were: Out for Passion, Fresh & Frisky and Rich Marron.
And, if you believe it or not, they aren’t all nude-y 😀 I was happily swatching them away on my hand when the lovely M.A.C. lady asked me if I wanted to swatch them on my lips. Uhm, yes please!
I swatched the first two and was so incredibly relieved when I stared at my face. Both looked rather nice on my lips and now the only problem was which one to take. Lady couldn’t help me, because Fresh & Frisky was her favourite colour from the range and she herself wore Out for Passion that day 😀
But I was able to solve my problem. How? Like a boss:

M.A.C. Lipstick Haul

M.A.C. Lipstick Haul

Yup, I bought all of them 😀 well, my decided on „Morning Rose“ plus two Huggable Lipcolours: „Fresh & Frisky“ and „Out for Passion“. (And I am thinking about getting Rich Marron too, but… my poor wallet already!)

Morning Rose is described as a „soft cool rose (with a Cremesheen finish)“ and oh yes it is truly a rose and a very nice one for that matter. You can see swatches and more pics of it here.

Fresh & Frisky is described as a „soft neutral peach“ but I feel, as it is leaning on the orange side a bit more, it doesn’t fit my usual description of nude. And doesn’t look that nude to me either.
Out for Passion is described as a „soft warm rose“ and while it may be a rose, it is everything but nude or muted. At least to me it is really like… amping it up.
See swatches and other pics from both here.

I still had Out for Passion on my lips when I walked out of the store. The colour looked amazing for hours (some of it still remained after dinner) and my lips didn’t feel the leastest bit dry. It was love at first sight and it still is.
On Tuesday I wore Fresh & Frisky to work and noticed nothing less than an incredibly good looking colour for hours and the same good feeling of my lips.
Tuesday night then was the time to wear Morning rose and so did I on Wednesday at work. This colour is a perfect office shade and I like the formula on this Cremesheen too. All the M.A.C. lipsticks I own have a rather great formula and are very comfortable to wear.
Thursday was – again – Fresh & Frisky and gosh I just love it on my lips!

I regret nothing. (But my wallet may do!) 😉


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