A bit excited over here: LCS is about to start soon!

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Hi y’all!

Today I wanna talk about something that most of you might find completely uninteresting, but to me it’s not and I really need to get a few thoughts out.

League of Legends Season 4 is about to start and will kick off officially with the beginning of the LCS spring split in Europe (West) and North America.
For all of you who have no freaking clue what I am talking about… League of Legends (LoL or League) is a free-to-play pc game that is really awesome (and I say that while I am completely bad at playing myself) and it is the most viewed game you can find online. The E-Sports scene has grown bigger over the last few years and LoL has had a very big part in that as being the game that attracts the most spectators. I am one of those 😉

I have been watching all of Season 3 (Year 2013) and parts of Season 2 (Year 2012). And I will be watching it a lot – at least I’m sure I will – this year and cannot wait to celebrate the beginning of Season 4.
Of course I have always leaned towards the EU side of this circus, being a European girl myself and playing on the EU server too, but this year this will probably change… while I still have lots of players that I like playing in EU, my favourite team has wandered off and is now playing in the NA scene. That means I have to watch a lot more of NA’s games than last season. And I tell you this will be hard on me as with the different time zones comes a lot of trouble for me. But, I will try to support my favourite team as much as I can 🙂

In case any of you are interested in who I will be watching closely and who I support:

Favourite Team NA = Evil Geniuses
Favourite Team EU = now probably a tie between Fnatic and Alliance
Second Favourite Team NA = TSM with their new European (Danish) Midlaner Bjergsen
Second Favourite Team EU = undecided

Players I wish all the best:
Edward and AlexIch from Gambit Gaming [EU]
Shlaya from LemonDogs (sorry, but I have to support the frenchies ^^) [EU]
all players from former Alternate, now being Millenium [EU]
Svenskeren and Candypanda from SK Gaming [EU]
all players from Cloud 9 [NA]
Nientonsoh from CLG Gaming [NA]
Voyboy from Team Curse [NA]

EU LCS begins on January, 14th 🙂 (week 1 EU: Jan, 14 th – Jan, 16 th) and NA LCS on January, 17th (week 1 NA: Jan, 17 th – Jan, 19 th).

As there is no Season 4 Trailer (but I still hope there will be one oO), I’ll show you guys the Season 3 Hype trailer which features a few of my favourite players:

Well, there’s only one thing left to say: Let the games begin! 🙂


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