10 Day Ship Challenge – Day 06

Veröffentlicht: 3. Dezember 2013 in Challenges
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Day 06 – A song that reminds you of them

You have no idea how hard it was for me to find a song that fits this ship. I am normally crazy about finding the right music to everything (books, ships, games, stories, series etc.), but here? Never really heard a song and thought to myself „Oh this is so Amy and Rory!“…

But, I found a song I love and think fits them not badly:

Bruno Mars – Just the Way you are

I think this is why we all love Rory and envy Amy (if we like her at all which in my case… I do a lot!). Rory loves his Amy with every beat of his heart. He would do anything for love (haha ^^) and walk 500 miles (and even more) for her.
Don’t we all wanna be loved just the way we are? Oh yes, we do. And that is why there should be more Rory’s walking this planet. We all need our personal Rory 😉 (and congratulations to those of you who have already found their personal Rory – maybe under another name ^^).


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