10 Day Ship Challenge

Veröffentlicht: 27. November 2013 in Challenges
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Hello my friends 🙂

I find it is time for another challenge on this blog and I am very happy to have found this one AND to have finally decided which ship I wanna bring to you. What do you think it will be?
Here are the challenges:

Day 01 – The Ship

Day 02 – Hugs

Day 03 – Kisses

Day 04 – Favourite Moment

Day 05 – Sad moments

Day 06 – A song that reminds you of them

Day 07 – Least favourite moment

Day 08 – When you started shipping them

Day 09 – Friendship moments

Day 10 – Whatever you want

Whose giving me a guess on the ship I chose? Come on, people, I have been rambling enough about favourite series, haven’t I?! 😉 Tomorrow I’ll start.


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