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I have been tagged by gingerlovesmakeup who certainly enjoyed writing about her UK and London in particular (what I can understand as I love both, UK and London, a lot too!). I love travelling and I love discovering new countries and cities, but remember: that does not mean I do not love where I live!  😉
Now my only problem is… which country to chose? 😀 Okay, no, actually it can only be Germany and not France as I have never lived in France longer than summer vacation. But I could! Being with that part of my family usually is a lot of fun.

1) Name 3 things you like about your country:
The great variety of food you can find. We are  sometimes a little anxious to try new stuff, but we love Turkish, Italian, Greek and Asian food. You’ll find that a lot in Germany.
The variety of supermarkets! 😀 Oh my god, you can usually find at least two supermarkets right next to each other. This sounds stupid, but it really is great. If you fail to find something in one supermarket you can still go and find it in the other. I love that variety, because every supermarket has different brands.
Being so close to many other countries. It only takes me a couple of hours (3-5 depending on where I want to go) to go to Switzerland, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Belgium… can you imagine? Oh and of course I am very fast in UK too 😉 but that requires either a plane or the train or a ferry. But oh so close!

2) Do you have a favorite city?
That is not easy as there are many cities I do not know, even among the big ones. I can tell you I would not wanna live in Munich because I wouldn’t feel that my heart belongs there. I would not want to live in Berlin either, because it just feels too hectic and anonymous. Same with Frankfurt. And Frankfurt is rather unpretty, but really nice for shopping 😉 as is Berlin.
I think Cologne would be nice to live in because it’s animated and the people there are very welcoming. Plus they have the Rhine right in the centre of the city which I find extremely appealing.
Another city I would probably love to live in is Hamburg. Close to the coast and it’s got a big river too! People there are very laid back and friendly too, which I like a lot.

3) What part of the country are you from?
I have been born right where I live: in Hessia (county). Near Darmstadt (city) to be precise. That is were I’ve been born and where I still live (though I have lived elsewhere for a bit).

4) If you could live anywhere in your country where would it be and why?
Close to the coast, but I think if I could I would downright live in another country near the coast. Germany’s coast isn’t very long and the sea is usually rather cold, so not much bathing. That is the only downside to our coast I guess  😉

5) Would you recommend other people to visit your country?
Yes I would. And not only visiting the big cities like Munich, Hamburg, Cologne or Berlin. Germany has a few pearls landscape-wise that even I haven’t seen yet. We’ve got lovely hills and mountains that are lovely in spring/summer and in winter! We’ve got a coast that is really pretty although it is not long. Plus a million little islands close to the coast ready to be discovered. And many many people in my country are very lovely and welcoming. And don’t forget we have a lot of great things culture-wise: Goethe, Schiller, Neuschwanstein, Brandenburger Tor just to name a few…


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