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Hi everyone,

I’ve been tagged by the supercute Bookbeauty to make a post about my lucky 7: the 7 products which are always great. Oh boy, this is gonna be hard… or is it? It shouldn’t be as there are only a few products that always work since I have them and in whatever condition my skin is in. But somehow… I needed a lot of time to think about them.
But now I can finally write my blogpost. Here are my lucky 7:

2013-10-29 17.53.20

1) Garnier HautklarAktiv „Mitesser-Weg Peeling“
I had aserious problem with acne when I was younger and my doctor actually suggested that it might get a lot better if I peel on aregular basis and what can I say? It did. Maybe it didn’t do as much as I think, but it definitely helped a great deal and that is why I still peel everyday. Well, except for when my skin is really worn out and hard to handle in general which usually happens after a long winter.

2) Garnier Hautklar „Anti-Nachfettung Feuchtigkeitspflege“
This creme is very light, so in winter I have to use another creme, but I love to apply this creme before using foundation or when I plan on not using any foundation at all. It gives a matte finish to the oily parts of my face and that is appreciated. Highly appreciated. It feels great on my skin.

3) M.A.C. „Studio Fix Fluid“ in NC 15
Ever since my bestie Nell got this foundation she talked and talked about it and especially how great it is. As I had to find out that my Lancome foundation was too dark for me in winter and spring, I went to our local Douglas store and let someome from M.A.C. match me. It was an instant fit with this foundation and I bought it right away. I could even wear it without powder and it matches perfect with my skin colour. I use it on a daily basis for work and love it!

4) Mascara – here: Benefit „Bad Gal Lash“ and Clinique „High Impact Mascara“
As you might see, both of the mascaras are mini-sizes and gosh what is it with me and my favourite mascaras that I never get the full size product? I’ve gotten BadGal Lash in a set and loved it right away. I thought about buying the full size but hesitated because of the price… then I ordered from Clinique and got the High Impact Mascara with my order to tryout. Loved it even more! But still, I never got the full size. Anyone has one of them and can help me chose in which I should invest my money?!

5) NYX „Jumbo Eye Pencil“ in 611 Yogurt
Again, I got that because of Nell 😉 can you see a pattern here?! She got the colour Milk if I remember right and loved it. So I swatched the pencils at the Douglas store and fell in love. It was just before my stay abroad ( 7 weeks in Denmark) and I thought that everything that was easy to apply and multifunctional would be a must-have for the trip. So I got two colours and this one is my alltime favourite ever since!

6) Clinique „Chubby Stick“ in 04 Mega Melon
Love at first sight! I heard of the chubby stick in beauty blogger videos and was fascinated. I wanted one so badly and just as with the Jumbo Eye Pencils from Nyx… I bought it before my work-summer in Denmark. It was worth every penny and has been a loyal companion. I wear it as everyday colour to work or when I have a nice hangout with friends.

7) Clinique „Butter Shine Lipstick“ in 415 Berry Blush
Love. Love. LOVE. Since the Chubby Stick and the mine-size of the High Impact Mascara, I’ve been focused on Clinique and tried out those lipsticks at my local Douglas store and finally decided that this is the colour I need. It is sort of a everyday lipstick for me too even though it is more visible than most of my other lipsticks 😀 I’ve worn this as my only „make-up highlight“ in all photosessions from Ring*Con. (Not sure yet if I will show you guys my pics or not)

I want to tag… well, I only have two people to tag, but hey, their products will be interesting! So, I tag Nell from Carpe Noctem and gingerlovesmakeup !

Do you use any of these products? Show me your lucky 7!


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