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I have been nominated for the „Liebster Award“ which means so much to me, you wouldn’t believe. I’ve been nominated by my sweet and dear friend NellVMars and I know you will now say „well she got nominated by a friend so how worthy is she of that nomination?“ Yes I have been nominated by a friend, but I don’t think she would have done that if she didn’t like what I do and/or write about.
I am not blogging that much and I’m still struggling to put something up constantly, but I am trying and therefore this award means so so much to me. I hope it motivates me to keep on blogging. Thank you, love!

Note: I will write this post completely in English. And I might write more in English than in German in the future 😉 Feel free to tell me how you feel about that in the comments!

Now, if you’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award here is what you have to do:

1. Link back to the person who nominated you

2. Answer 10 questions by the person who nominated you (see below)

3. Nominate in turn 10 other bloggers you like with under 200 followers (this is trouble as I do not follow many blogs just yet)

4. Come up with 10 new questions

5. Head over to the blogs of the people you nominated and tell them you nominated them.

I haven’t been around so much since I started blogging on wordpress, so I am pretty sure I do not have 10 blogs to nominate, but I will see what I can come up with, okay?!

My nominees are:

1. Carpe Noctem
My dear friend who nominated me, I enjoy reading her blog! And we have the sisterhood-blog together.
2. Munderoon’s Bookshelf
My other dear friend, the third in the sisterhood. She just started her own bookblog, I look forward to reading more of her stuff!
3. Kodachis Nailart
The one who introduced (hooked me up!) to indie polishes. She creates amazing nailart. Always inspiring.
4. Lackfrisch & Nagelneu
Just discovered it. Love it. Showing great polishes.
5. Bookbeauty
Randomly met her on twitter, enjoy reading her blog ever since – a lot!
6. AnjaIsReading
For all books you want to read, she probably has a review already 😀 I read her reviews whenever I can.
7. Liv, Lipstick and Lemondrops
Sweet blog and sweet girl from what I can tell.

So girls (I think there is no boy anywhere :D) you are nominated. I hope you feel happy about this and participate!

The answers to the 10 questions I’ve been asked…

1. The one music album you always return to, even after years of not listening to it?
Oh wow, that’s a tough one because I do come back to basically anything once in a while. But I guess what I will alway come back to because I just need it to live (yes I do truely feel this way!) is Bobby Long. He is my favourite singer&songwriter and his first album (self published): Dirty Pond Songs. If you don’t know him yet, I recommend checking him out! His voice always gets to me – I can dream and dream and dream on.
Two years old

2. The TV show that feels like coming home when you watch it?
Gilmore Girls probably. This is what I am experiencing at the moment. But Doctor Who even more so. Doctor Who is my all-time favourite show and even though I didn’t like the last season very much, the Doctor always is a figure I can look up to. In this show the BBC tries to spread tolerance, peace, love and friendship across the universe – or so I feel they do. Love that.

3. Which eyeliner do you prefer? Gel, liquid, powder or pencil?
I never really tried Gel or powder as far as I know 😀 so my favourite is the pencil (used a lot when I use an eyeliner) or a liquid one (used a couple of times).

4. Sci Fi or Fantasy?
Easy one: Fantasy all the way! I rarely read true Sci-Fi even though I love Sci-Fi series or movies (Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Farscape etc.). But I have a few Sci-Fi novels on my shelves. However, far more Fantasy!

5. The book that was stuck in your head for days after finishing to read it?
This happens to me all the time! Last one it happened with: Starcrossed. Before that? Die for me-Series by Amy Plum and before that? … I could probably go on forever. When I really enjoy a book because it captivates me, transfers me into another world… that is what happens. It stays in my head forever and ever and ever.
Books like that will usually be rated with at least 4 stars on my goodreads.

6. What is your dream vehicle? Anything is possible, from horse carriage to motorbike to space ship!
A TARDIS 😀 no really, that would be really crazy and good and awesome and fantastic! But I wouldn’t mind a  great horse. Love horses and even though I haven’t been riding in a few years by now… I always will love riding and if I get the chance I’d take the horse too 😉

7. How do you like your tea/coffee? Sugar? Milk?
Fact about me: I don’t drink tea. Ever. Maybe I should try again sometime, but the last times I tried I was getting sick of it. Yes, all the time. Don’t know why. My coffee, however, I will drink with milk and a ridiculous amount of sugar.

8. Heels or Flats?
Mostly flats, though I really like boots and booties that do have a small heel. When it comes to High Heels I only have two pair of shoes which might be considered High Heels. Maybe I’ll show them to you soon 😉

9. Your favorite color?
Green. Many shades of green. (And no, there was no intention of making it sound like Shades of Grey)

10.  Bolognese or carbonara?
A few years ago I would have answered with Bolognese all the way! But I’ve been giving the Carbonara another chance like 4 years ago and jeez it is good when done nicely! So this must be a tie.

My 10 questions for my nominees:
1. Favourite country and why?
2. What languages are you speaking and would you like to learn more?
3. Lipstick or Lipgloss?
4. Who would you like to meet if you had the chance to? (Famous person, e.g. actor/actress, singer, politician, author etc.)
5. Name your five favourite Disney movies.
6. If you can only keep three contacts in your cell phone, who would be staying?
7. Pants or dress?
8. Who do you trust the most in recommendations for books?
9. All-time favourite author?
10. Nailpolish – yay or nay?

It took me forever to come up with 10 questions, but here you go 😀 I look forward to all the answers!

  1. Anja sagt:

    Awwwwwww. Ich finde das total süß 🙂 Ich muss mal gucken, ob ich ein passendes Posting dazu hinbekomme. Mir fallen nämlich nicht mal drei Blogs mit unter 200 Followern ein D:

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