Mini-Avengers-Challenge: Day 10

Veröffentlicht: 6. September 2013 in Challenges
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10.) Be honest, were you rooting more for The Avengers or Loki?

This is a tie. Very even. I cannot decide. I honestly cannot really decide.
I love Loki, because he is hilarious and he has a right of feeling a bit off, but let’s face it: he was being a jerk. Freeing the earth from freedom? Come on, bro, what’s wrong with you?! MAking people kneel before you, just because you want to be a king and your daddy let your brother be the king instead of you? That is a bit… well… an extreme reaction. Those people haven’t done anything!
… So yeah, the Avengers did right by kicking his ass 😉 and I mean, look at them: a group of very cool people, all sticking together to save the world from ice-zombies who want to invade and enslave the earth? Pretty great, huh?! ^^ They are cool. Really cool. So… yeah, well, like I said: it’s a tie.


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