Mini-Avengers-Challenge: Day 3

Veröffentlicht: 30. August 2013 in Challenges
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3.) Favorite pre-Avengers individual movie?

That has to be Thor’s movie then. What was it called again?! Oh yeah: Thor. I can’t wait for the sequel, really, the trailer got to me like crazy! I want to see it and I want to see it now, please. Did you guys know there is Christopher Eccleston in it too? And those who asked who the hell that is… Seriously?! He was the 9th Doctor and he may be my least favourite from the new doctors, but he is good, that I have to say. He is a good actor and he will bring a lot to the movie. Or at least that is what I think and hope.
So, I said Thor right? Why? Because it has action, romance (even though I wouldn’t have needed it in that movie and with that pairing! OMG) and a few very good laughs. I enjoyed watching it and I would (and have already!) watched it again.


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