Mini-Avengers-Challenge: Day 2

Veröffentlicht: 29. August 2013 in Challenges
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2.) Least Favorite? Why?

Hulk probably, but not because I really don’t like him. I think he is fun as long as he is the big green monster of rage. A very big green monster of rage (and yes, you probably see what I did there ^^). And he has potential when he is being his normal self. But you know, though he has potential, he doesn’t do much with it in the movie. He is kinda being either sulky or boring. I get that he is a rather silent person, but it wouldn’t hurt him to be a more out-going – I suppose that would only hurt others 😀 but then they should just not get him mad. It’s as easy as that.
He is really a nice guy and I do like Hulk, but I like him a little less than the others. Or… maybe I dislike Black Widow more than him, but I didn’t want to give the most obvious answer 😉


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